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Housekeeping Gets a High-Tech Makeover

Newfound Respect for Housekeepers
The old way of doing business was to judge how clean a room was by looking at it or by smelling it. If it glistened, gleamed, and smelled like lemons, then it was a job well done. If it looked dull or smelled so-so, then it was second-rate work.
Well, those days are about to be history. A housekeeper or janitor is about to look more like Inspector Gadget than a maid, complete with a handheld monitoring device to pass over surfaces to check for invisible germs. A big status boost for cleaners is near as the industry ramps up its methods.
"Clean- Takes on a Whole New Meaning
Now housekeeping seems like a possible career choice for people who would not have considered the job before. In the not-too-distant future, a housekeeper will be one part public health guardian, one part mini-scientist, and one part human purification expert. In other words, more prestige is on the way for deserving housekeepers everywhere.
The new movement is termed "Integrated Cleaning and Measurement,- or ICM. ICM follows a more scientific process, in which the cleaner takes measurements, and selects the proper tools to correct any potential health hazards. Post-measurements are taken to ensure that any germ-laden areas have been quashed. 
According to KaiScience (, the following types of measurements are currently possible: ATP, fungal enzyme, RODAC plate, Petri film, particle counter, airborne dust mass, and infrared/moisture detection. Some things are still not easily measured, such as pesticides brought in on people"s shoes or clothes, but may be monitored in the future.
Rather than surfaces just appearing clean, the goal is to have everything be clean from a public health perspective. Infection control will no longer just be a hospital"s concern ... now it is feasible to measurably show the level of contamination anywhere, from a school room to a hotel conference facility. The reason housekeepers will be able to expect better pay is because they will be able to show quantifiable results. The cleaner can say to an employer, "This contaminant was here. This contaminant causes this specific health problem. Due to my use of the proper decontamination method, this contaminant is now gone.- The job will be focusing on improving the indoor environment for the health and welfare of the occupants, and it will seem like an invaluable service.
Now will we change the housekeeper"s job title to "decontamination specialist-? Stay tuned.

By Chris Navarro
Get Housekeeping Jobs, Contributing Editor

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